Lesson 8 – A perfect home

Warm up

  1. Ask students about their hobbies and interests. Ask which need special facilities, and which they can do at home.
  2. Tell them to imagine they were very rich and could have any facilities at home they wanted. What would they have? Give them a few minutes to talk with a neighbour.
  3. Listen to their ideas. Encourage comments and questions from other students.

Main activity


  1. Tell students they are going to read about people’s dream homes. Put them in pairs and give out the photocopies. Tell them to look at the words in the box and ask their neighbours about any they do not know.
  2. Ask if there are any words they still do not know. Ask other students to explain before explaining yourself.
  3. Tell them to take turns reading the articles out to their partner, one by one, and then to decide together what the people are talking about.
  4. Check their answers.

Answer key

Svetlana; ballroom. Rajit; workshop, Amanda; field, Ali: tower, Chris: greenhouse, Sandy: recording studio


1. Draw this table on the board or look on the web :   

a. My top five.
b. Next five.
c. They are OK.
d. Thanks, but I’m not interested.

Explain that students should think what they would like in their dream home if they could have the things in the box on the photocopy. The top five are the things they would like most; the next five are the five they would choose next. The last section is things they would not want at all. Ask students to work alone and complete the table.

2. Ask them to compare what they chose with their partners and explain why. Give them five minutes.

3. Ask if any of their partner’s choices were surprising and why. Invite comments and questions from other students.

4. Tell them that together they can choose six things from the box, and they must agree which six to choose. Tell them they should try to do two things; write them on the board: a. Agree to let your partner have something they want if they’ll let you have something you want. b. Think of different uses for things, so that you can both use them in different ways. Give them ten minutes.

5. Ask if anyone got everything they wanted. Ask what things they were able to agree about. Ask what different uses they thought of for things. Invite comments and questions from other students.

Follow up

  • Tell the students to watch the video
  • Write down answers from the video that relate to a dream of the house.
  • Record the results of the answers in audio form.


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