Lesson 15 – Lost!

Warm up

  1. Elicit: eyes, hair, skin. curly, dark, fair, long, short, straight, wavy.
  2. Make sentences about students, or famous people, to teach/revise the adjectives, e.g. Paulo has got short hair. Tina’s hair is long and curly. Include dark/fair skin and eye colour.
  3. Ask them to describe a student in class, so others can guess who they are describing.

Main activity


  1. Put students into groups of four. Give each group one picture on the slide.
  2. Tell them they are going to hear information about a lost child. They must find the child on their web.
  3. Play the recording twice. Ask each group to decide which child is lost. Ask if they want to listen again.
  4. Check their answers:

Answer key

The missing girl is the last picture


  1. Tell students that they are going to play the missing child game.
  2. Describe to them the characteristics of the prodigal son.
  3. Then guess by choosing which picture matches the description of the missing child’s characteristics that have been explained by the teacher. Just type the serial number of the image.

Describe of the missing child’s

3. She has blue eyes and long curly hair. He is 15 years old.

5. She has brown eyes and straight hair. He is 14 years old and was last seen wearing a t-shirt.

10. She has brown eyes and short curly hair. Her hair color is black and white and she is 14 years old.

16. She has blue eyes, wavy and short hair. He is 15 years old and was last seen wearing a t-shirt.

Follow up

  • Each student draws a picture of a face and writes a description on a separate piece of paper.
  • Collect the drawings and give them out randomly. Check that nobody has got their own drawing back.
  • Students move around the class describing the picture they have got. They can ask questions about the pictures, but they must not show them to each other.
  • They make a note of who might have their picture.
  • When everyone thinks they have found their own picture, they look to find out who is right and wrong.
  • Each student writes a description of the missing child’s picture by typing the answer on the web.
  • Then the teacher will select students randomly and instruct them to tell the results of their work orally.
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