Lesson 18 – Lost property

Warm up 

  1. Draw the three scarves from the photo on the board. Use them to elicit stripes, narrow and wide, across and along. Do not rub them out – leave them on the board. Draw other items from the photocopy to elicit the other words in the Key language that you think they will not know.
  2. Tell students you are going to describe something on the board; they must guess what it is. They should ask questions.
  3. Begin with it’s a scarf. Elicit What’s it like? Continue It’s got black and white stripes. Elicit: Has it got stripes across it or along it? Continue until they guess the correct scarf.
  4. Choose a student to describe another one of the scarves for the class to ask about and guess

Main Activity 

  1. Explain they are going to play a game. They are tour guides, and they must find items lost by their tourists. Put students into groups. 
  2. Explain that three of them work at a restaurant, taxi office, and station. Give out those sheets to three students in each group. Give the pictures to other students in the group face down to share out 
  3. Tell them they must not look at each other’s pictures. They must phone the three places, describe the things, and ask questions. If they think they have found an object, they make a note of where it is. 
  4. Tell them to make their first call; you could have them sit back-to-back for this. Remind them that some things look very similar. Go around helping and making sure they phone all three places. 
  5. After they have phoned the different places, tell them to compare pictures to see if they were correct. Ask how many objects they got right. 
  6. Tell the groups to change roles; put new people at the places, and shuffle the pictures before sharing them out again. 
  7. Repeat steps 4 and 5 
  8. Compare the results of both game

Follow up 

  • Each group puts its pictures face up, and students divide into pairs or groups of three.
  • With their partners, they choose three items to describe without telling the other pairs/groups what they have chosen.
  • They write up a ‘Lost property report’, describing their items.
  • They exchange reports with others in their group.
  • They try to identify the lost items from the descriptions
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