Lesson 11 – Hotels

Warm up

  1. Ask students if they stay in hotels on holiday, or on business. Ask them about the best hotel they stayed in.
  2. Ask what information they need to know before they choose a hotel. Give them two minutes to talk about it with their neighbour. Tell them to make a list.
  3. Write their ideas on the web. Elicit any key vocabulary that they do not mention: meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner, single room, double room; charge; location.

Main activity

1. Explain that half the class are going to be tourists looking for a hotel. The other half are going to be hotel workers. They are going to have a phone conversation.

2. Put students into groups of four. One card to each student in the group. Tell them to look at their own card and ask you about anything they do not understand.

TOURIST: Hello. I’m looking for rooms. I’d like…

3. Explain this is how to start the conversation. The tourist should tell the hotel worker what they want and find out the information they need. Check that students understand.

4. Tell the tourists that they should phone both hotels and then decide which is better for them. Ask the tourists to put up their hands, and then ask the hotel workers to put up their hands, so students know who is who. Tell them to find a partner within their group of four.
5. Ask them to make the phone call. You could tell the tourists to sit back-to-back with a hotel worker to make the call.
6. Ask tourists to change partners in their group, and with the other hotel worker
7. Tell them to make the phone call
8. Ask students to exchange information so that the tourists are now hotel workers and hotel workers are now tourists
9. Repeat steps 4 to 7.
Ask students which hotel was better for them as tourists and why.
Let the group see all four role cards together and ask them if they think they chose the better hotel for them.

Follow up

  • Tell the students to watch the video
  • Then answer questions about hotel bookings: 1. How long would you like to stay Sir/Ma’am? 2. What kind of room would you like to book? 3. How long would you like to stay Sir/Ma’am? 4. How much did the hotel room cost per night? 5. How is the payment method?
  • Record the results of the answers in audio form.


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