Lesson 5 – Whose Saturday

Warm up

  1. Explain that in Britain, most people do not work or go to school on a Saturday. Ask students how Saturday is different from Sunday and from Monday to Friday for them.
  2. Ask students what they and their family usually do at the weekends.
  3. Ask what their favourite day is.

Main activity

1. Tell students they are going to find out about a usual Saturday for an English family called the Coxes. Put them into groups of four. Give out the photocopies, one section to each student in a group; and tell them they must not look at each other’s.

2. Ask them to look at their information and underline anything they do not understand. While they are reading their web, draw the following chart on the board or web:

3. Explain anything they do not understand. Tell them that each person has different information, but together they have all the information in the chart on the board. They should talk about the information they have got and ask each other questions to complete the chart. Ask them to copy the chart into their notebooks before they begin.

4. Ask if they need any more time. Check their answers and write the information on the board. Ask if everyone agrees as you go along. If there is any information they have missed, do not give the answer but direct them to the relevant picture on the slide and elicit the answers.

5 . Let students see each other’s photocopies and ask you any final questions about them.

Follow up

  • Each student in the group of four chooses one of the family members.
  • Using their completed table they write a paragraph describing their Saturday.
  • Students with the same characters get together in groups of three or four. They compare each other’s work and correct any mistakes together.
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