Lesson 16 – Who’s who?

Warm up

  1. Draw a male face and profile on the board or show the picture on the web and use them to elicit the names of features: eyes, nose, ears, etc.
  2. Change the hairstyle to elicit curly, dark, fair, long, short, straight and wavy. Add the following one by one and elicit or pre-teach them: ponytail, moustache, tattoo.
  3. Explain that tattooing is popular in the UK at the moment and ask what they think of the fashion. Ask them to describe anyone they know who has one.

Main activity

  1. Tell them that they are going to have a picture each, but they must not look at each other’s picture on the web.
  2. Tell them to look at their pictures to check if there is any vocabulary they do not know.
  3. Ask them how many people there are in their picture (eight). Ask them how many people in their picture they have names for two. 
  4. Ask them to describe the people in their pictures to each other. Tell them each person has a special interest/hobby, and they must find those too.
  5. Ask what the eight names are and write them in a list on the board. Go through the names picking students to describe the person. 
  6. Ask if the class agree. Ask for their hobby and check if the class agree.

Follow up

  • Instruct students to watch the video
  • Choose for what topic is the most interesting or surprising they like after watching the video. Tell the topics they have chosen on paper or books.
  • Then record the results of the answers in audio form.
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