Lesson 13 – Recipes

Warm up

1. Put the students into groups of three. Check each group has a dictionary.

food/drink ways of making food/drink

2. Tell the students to write them.
3. Tell the students this is a competition. You are going to write 20 words on the picture and their team must work together to write the words in the correct list as fast as they can. Tell them to shout ‘Finished!’ when they finish.

4. When the winners finish, stop the other teams. Ask the winners which list each word goes in and write the words in the lists. Check everyone understands the meanings, asking the winners to explain any unknown words.

Main activity


  1. Mime making a fried egg sandwich, giving instructions as you do it. Say; take some bread. Slice it. Cut two slices. Butter it. Spread butter on both slices. Take two eggs. Break them into a dish. Beat the eggs. Add a little salt and pepper. Stir the eggs. Take a frying pan. Pour in a little oil. Heat the pan. Pour the eggs into the pan and fry them. Put the fried eggs on the bread. Put the other slice on top.
  2. Mime eating the sandwich. Ask the class what you are eating.
    Ask the winners to come to the front. Repeat the instructions. Tell them to act out the instructions as you speak.
  3. Then tell them to repeat the instructions to the class. Help where necessary. Tell the class to mime the actions.


  1. Give out the sets of recipes to the groups; each member has one recipe. Tell them not to look at each other’s or tell their partners the name of their recipe.
  2. Ask who has recipe A. Tell those students to give instructions to the team member on their left. Tell the member on the left to act out the instructions. Tell the other team member to guess the recipe. If they can not guess, tell students to repeat the instructions and actions again.
  3. When they have finished, tell the students who acted last time to give instructions for their recipe to the person on their left, the person on the left to act them out, and the other team member to guess the recipe.
  4. Repeat until everyone has had a go instructing, acting and guessing.

Follow up

  • Tell the students to watch the recipe video
  • Find a recipe and write it down in a notebook!
  • Practice the recipe as if you were making it and record it in audio form.


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