Lesson 9 – A nice neighbourhood

Warm Up

Are there any schools, restaurants, parks? etc. Do you like your neighbourhood? Why / Why not?

Main activity


1. Are these things in her neighbourhood? Does she like them?

2. You will play the recording twice. Play the beginning: stop after it’s got a lot of good shops, and the people are very friendly.

3. Answers to questions about shops. Write Yes, Yes next to shops.

4. Compare answers with a partner before you check them.

5. You will hear the same woman phoning about a flat.

6.. Hear the recording twice. Play it twice.

7. Compare answers with a partner before you check them. For question 4, ask Why / Why not?


  1. Sit back-to-back with your friends to do the phone call and you are going to have a phone conversation like the one on the recording, and you are going to give information first, but you must not look at each other’s information.
  2. Give out the role cards: one person has A and the other has B.
    You have two minutes to study card and underline anything you do not understand.
  3. You can start the conversation.

Follow up

  • Form a group consisting of A and B
  • What do you like? Is there anything you’d like to change?
  • Collect the results of the answers that you changed in the form of a record


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