Lesson 1- What about You?

Warm up

Try to imagine you are at a party and meet someone new

  1. What would you like to know or ask when you meet a new person?
  2. Make a few questions about some of the information you want to know

Main Activity

  1. Look at the pictures and ask your friend for any information you want to know!
  2. Are there any words that you still don’t know from the information you got from your friends?
  3. Write down two questions for each of the six subjects with your partner. You can use the words in the middle for all subjects if you want.  for example, How old are you? How many brothers and sisters do you have?
  4. Practice with your friends and compare your own answers to these questions.
  5. Re-ask the question to other students and try to find someone who can give the same answer as yours!

Follow up

  • Watch the video
  • Write down answers from the video that relate to a person’s experience or what is the most exciting or surprising piece of information heard from the video.
  • Record the results of the answers in audio form.
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