Lesson 7 – House Doctor

Warm up

  1. What furniture is in each room in your house and where it is?
  2. What are colours of the walls, furniture, curtains, etc. and if you like you?

Main Activity



1. You are going to hear some people looking at a house.
you should listen and decide if the people like it.

2. Play the recording once. Check correct answers.

3. Play the recording twice and make notes about the problems. Try to compare your answers with a neighbour. Then check again.

4. Explain that if British people can not sell their house, they sometimes ask a house doctor for advice about what to change. Ask students to use their notes and talk with their neighbours for two minutes about advice for the owner of the house.

5. Listen to their ideas and elicit/revise the language of suggestion/advice, e.g. You should…, Let’s Why don’t you? How about…?


  1. You are going to be house doctors and look at the furniture and help each other with unknown words.
  2. If there are still any unknown words, ask your friend before giving them yourself.
  3. Pair a picture with a list of equipment items that must match the picture.

Write on the board or web

Furniture for:What colours for:Other thing s to  use ,e.g.
–  dining  room?walls?paintings
living room?

Where  to  put it?



mirrors,  etc.
– furniture?

Follow up

Imagine and describe the things in the house, do it in the form of a record!


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