Lesson 3 – She’s got her dad’s eyes



Main activity

  1. You are going to play a game about families.
  2. Check that they are all clear about the names of family members by writing them on the web:

Explain the game:

  1. Each person has a family tree with different faces.
  2. You and your friend will ask each other about the people’s faces without knowing characteristics of them. Say the example: Who does Kay look like?
  3. The teacher will describe the picture of the family member.
  4. Listen carefully to what the teacher says.
  5. Write the family member’s name or number if it matches the description.
    Check your answer to see whether it is correct.

Follow up

  • Write down one situation (problem)!
  • From the situation, type answers and suggestions for the problem.
  • Then record the suggestions that you have written!
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