Lesson 20 – Sale or exchange

Warm up

  1. Elicit or teach antiques. Ask what antiques people collect. Elicit or teach: furniture, clothing, toys, musical instruments, jewelry. Elicit examples of each.
  2. An old clock cost £100. Cost, worth, price, pay, afford, buy, sell, and exchange. Ask, elicit, or explain what they mean. 
  3. Ask students to work with a partner and write a sentence or a question with each word about the clock. Check they are sentences, and have the class repeat them.
  4. Tell students to ask and answer questions about the clock with their neighbours.

Main Activity

  1. Tell students that they are antiques collectors. Tell them to read the instructions and ask if they have any questions.
  2. The rules.
    The prices on the antiques are for help: you can sell them for as much as you want.
    You can exchange antiques for others, or exchange antiques for others and money.
    You must get as many antiques and as much money as possible to win the game.
    You have five of the type in your instructions at the end of the game, you get an extra £500.
    You can spend as much as you want.
    You must keep a note of the money you spend and make. On the board write:

    £ spentto person£ madefrom person

Explain that to stop people cheating, they must get the other person to sign their accounts.

  1.  Give students 20 minutes to move around the class buying, selling, and exchanging as many antiques as they can.
  2. Go around helping, and checking they are keeping correct notes of their deals.
  3. Find the winner: Students total the top prices printed on their antiques, e.g. guitar £50-£100 £100. They add their antiques’ value to the money they make. They take away the money they spend. If anyone has the five items in their instructions, add £500. The person with the most money wins. Form a line from the person with the most money down to the person with the least.

    Follow up

Students write a paragraph describing their best buys and their biggest mistakes.

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