Lesson 1 – Spy Catcher


  1. Ask students what a spy is. If they do not know, give examples, either real or fictional, that they will know, e.g. James Bond, or explain the meaning.
  2. Ask what they think a spy’s job involves. What do they usually do in their working day?
  3. Ask how they think a spy catcher catches spies.

Main Activity


  1. Tell students to imagine they are spy catchers. This is in the students book.

You are at a party at your country’s embassy in London

  • Your mission: Find the spy.


  • Code name OCTOBER
  • Not married
  • Has army experience
  • Does not live in Europe or the USA
  • Plays some type of sport, maybe tennis or golf
  • There is another spy catcher at the party. Identify that person.

Check that students understand the vocabulary.

  1. Tell students they are going to hear a conversation at the party. They should listen and complete the mission. Play the recording once.
  2. Tell them to compare ideas quickly with their classmates.
  3. Play the recording again. Check their answers. Ask how they knew.
    Answer key
    1. The spy is Valerie Dumont, She is divorced and so not married. She has army experience. She works in South America, and she plays a sport.
    2. The spy catcher is Atsuko Ishida. She guessed that Valerie Dumont plays golf or tennis and so we can guess she has information about the spy code-named OCTOBER.


  1. Tell students they are going to a party at your country’s embassy in London. Tell them to create groups of six and you will be the one who divides the role. Tell them to read the information, and tell them to not look at each other’s role.
  2. Ask if they have any questions about vocabulary or other details.
  3. Tell students they can use their own names but they should use the information on the Cards and their imagination to add other information about themselves. Tell them they have 5 minutes to complete this mission. Ask them to stand up and introduce themselves to another guest.

Follow up

Students write up a short report (and record it) saying how they identified their target and achieved their mission.
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