Lesson 3 – Beyond the Routine


  1. Ask students about their jobs, or weekend or holiday jobs. If they are still at school or college, Ask them to describe a typical day’s activities They will hear a man called Jeremy Plank talking about his typical day.
  2. Tell them to listen to the audio and write down his activities.

Main Activity

  1. Tell students they are going to have a team competition to guess unusual jobs
  2. Put them in groups of two to four and look at the A section.  Tell them to read the information and help their partner with any unknown words, or use a dictionary. They should discuss jobs, and write down three guesses. Tell them they can still get extra points for wrong guesses if they can give good reasons for them.
  3. Tell them to put your three guesses in order: most likely, next most likely, and least likely. Say that they can swap ideas with a neighboring group.
  4. Give the answers and scores: three points for each first guess that is correct, two points for each second guess, and one point for each third guess. You can give extra points for close but incorrect answers or for clever or creative guesses.
  5. Repeat steps 2 to 4 for sections B and C.

Follow Up

  1. The members of each group cooperate to write a paragraph about a job.
  2. Circulate the paragraphs around the class or put them on the wall for the class to see.
  3. Students guess the jobs.


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