Lesson 13 – First Aid

Warm up

This information is based on information from the St John’s Ambulance Brigade, but First Aid information may vary from country to country.

  1. Elicit or pre-teach First Aid meaning.
  2. Ask the class if any of them has studied any First Aid.
  3. Ask how useful they think it would be.

Main Activity

  1. Divide the class into pairs.
  2. Tell students not to do the quiz yet. Tell them to look through the quiz and explain any words that their partner does not know. If a word is unknown to both of them underline it.
  3. Tell the class to discuss the questions and agree on an answer for each
  4. Give the set of situations and secretly tell each student their part. They must remember their cards with the quiz answers and don’t let anyone know. Partners take turns to take a card and do not show the card to their partner. They must pretend that there is a medical emergency, and so they phone their partner for advice. They use the notes on the card to explain the situation and ask for information about what to do. Each partner must give advice. When the partner has finished advising what to do, they can both look at the correct answer at the bottom of the card.

Follow up

  • Tell the class to watch this video below;
  • The partners use the information from the lesson to write local newspaper reports about an imagined emergency and how it was dealt with by someone with First Aid knowledge. Put the stories on the wall or read each other stories.
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