Lesson 4 – A messy home means a messy mind


  1. Do you think that where we are can affect the way we feel and think?
  2. Do you have any special places that always make you feel a particular way?
  3. Do you have got any suggestions for improving our surroundings to make us feel better, e.g. our room or our house?

Main Activity


Feng Shui is a way of improving our surroundings. You are going to hear a radio program about it.

Listen to the program and answer the questions.


  1. You are going to read more information about Feng Shui. With your partner, Read the text in section 1 and discuss what you think about the information. Is it sensible and useful?
  2. Look at the rooms in section 2 and discuss how Feng Shui could be used and make notes.
  3. Give your opinion and encourage comments on each other’s
  4. Which room has the biggest problem, and why?

2. How could Feng Shui be applied to these rooms?

Follow up

  • In groups of three or four, discuss how you might use the ideas in your own rooms, houses, the classroom, and the school building. Make notes on each other’s suggestions.
  • Exchange ideas and comment on each other’s suggestions.
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