Lesson 2 – Family Values

Warm Up

  1. What do you know about Family values? what does it mean? Family values are about the rights, responsibilities, and duties of family members.
  2. You are going to look at some Western family values.
  3. Make groups consist of 4 people. Work together to match sentences 1-10 with explanations a – j. You should help each other with anything they do not understand, also you can ask the teacher if you need to.

Main Activity

  1. After doing the task above, discuss the ten sentences with your partners in the group of four, and choose four sentences which you wish either to defend or to attack; you can attack some and defend others.
  2.  Cooperate to discuss the sentences and prepare a list of points that support your opinion for each of your chosen sentences. Do not write sentences, only very short notes.
  3. Split each group into two pairs, and each pair take two of the sentences. Talk with your partner about how you can present your views to the class. You must not write sentences to read aloud, but you should think of useful phrases, expressions, and structures to use and add these to your notes.
  4. Each person presents one of the choices to the class, who ask questions and make comments after each presentation

Follow Up

  • Work to put the sentences in order, from the one you agree with most to the one you agree with least. You should write the numbers of the sentences in a list, with the one you agree with most at the top. It is all right for you to agree with all the sentences or disagree with them, but you must rank them in order of agreement/disagreement.
  • Compare your ranking with your partner’s and explain your reasons and your opinions. You can change your mind if you wish and change your ranking of sentences.
  • Which sentences you disagreed with each other about most and why.
  • Which of their partner’s opinions or comments they found the most interesting or surprising
  • Watch this video
  • Analyse and make a summary of that video.
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