Lesson 18 – The right for the job

Warm up

  1. Can you remember job interviews you have had, and what kind of questions you were asked? If you are a student that are still at school or college, what questions do you expect at job interviews?
  2. Company name: In or Out to Lunch Catering Services
    Job: Catering Assistant
    Are any words new to you? Talk with a neighbor about what the company might do and what the job might involve.
    A company that provides lunches in its own café but also delivers to offices and other workplaces.
  3. What questions might be asked at the interview?

Main Activity

  1. You are going to hear two interviews for the job. Write down the interviewer’s questions.
  2. Play the recording at least twice.
  3.  Listen again and decide who will get the job and why. Play the recording once more.


  1. You are going to practice job interviews. Look at the first job advert. What type of person would be good for the job?
  2. Make groups of four. Think about people for other jobs.
  3. Divide the groups of four into two pairs. Choose a different job to apply for. You can invent experiences that you do not really have.
  4. Act out the interviews. The interviewer should use questions from the previous recording and others if you are needed, and fill in the Interview notes.
  5. When both interviews are complete, the interviewers give feedback and say if the interviewees got the job.
  6. Choose another advert from the sheet and repeat steps 4 and 5.
  7. How their interviews went. Do most people get jobs or not?

Follow up

  • In groups of four, create four job adverts of your own. Use their imagination to think of very unusual jobs.
  • Each student in the group takes one advert without looking.
  • Interview each other in pairs as before.


Interviewer: Good morning! Thanks for coming in. Can you start by telling us a bit about yourself?

Candidate: Good morning! Of course. I’m Sarah. I recently graduated with a degree in Marketing. I’ve had internships at two different companies where I focused on social media management and content creation.

Interviewer: That sounds great, Sarah. Can you share an experience where you faced a challenge in your previous roles?

Candidate: Certainly. At my last internship, we had to meet a tight deadline for a social media campaign. The challenge was coordinating with different team members, but we managed to streamline our communication, and the campaign was a success.

Interviewer: Impressive! How do you usually prepare for job interviews?

Candidate: I make sure to research the company thoroughly, understand its values, and anticipate common interview questions. I also practice my responses with a friend to build confidence.

Interviewer: That’s a solid approach. Lastly, what made you interested in our company?

Candidate: I’ve been following your company’s innovative marketing strategies, and I admire the emphasis on creativity and collaboration. I believe my skills align well with your team’s goals.

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