Lesson 26 – Gizmos and gadgets

Warm up

  1.  “gizmo and gadget” do you know the meaning?
  2. Here are the examples
    keyrings that sing back to you when you have lost them and sing to them
    glasses with lights on the side so you can read in the dark

Main Activity

  1. You are going to look at some more unusual gizmos. You have to guess what they are. You will be putting into a pair and you will see a picture. This is not a real Website, but a search for ‘gizmos gadgets’ on the Internet will find lots.

  2. Look at the names of gizmos for help. Talk with your partner and make notes about what the names mean.
  3. Talk with your partner and make notes on what the gizmos are for.

Follow up

  • In pairs, think of your own gizmos and draw them
  • Exchange the gizmos with another pair. Guess what you are and answer the other questions from earlier.
  • You have to check with the designer to see if your idea is correct.


The History of Computers

A long time ago, before we had the small and fast computers we use today, there were big and heavy machines. These early computers were as big as a room! They didn’t have screens like we do now; instead, people had to use punch cards to give them instructions. It was like telling the computer what to do by using special cards with holes in them.

As time went on, computers got smaller and more powerful. In the 1970s, the first personal computers were created. These were much smaller and could fit on a desk. People could now have their own computers at home! One famous early personal computer was called the Apple II. It had a keyboard and a screen, making it easier for people to use.

Nowadays, computers are everywhere! We have laptops, tablets, and even small computers in our phones. They are much faster and can do many things at the same time. We use them for work, playing games, watching videos, and so much more. Computers have come a long way, and they continue to get even better!

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