16. Answering Detail Questions about Mini-Talks

Most of the questions about Part C talks are detail questions that ask about specific points in the talk. The majority of these questions are factual questions, asking about facts, reasons, places, or dates mentioned by the speaker. This type of question often begins, “According to the speaker, . . .” Incorrect answers are often mentioned at some point in the talk but are not appropriate answers to the questions as asked.
You are not permitted to take written notes while listening to the lecture.
A few questions about the Part C talks are inference questions. Many of these questions begin, “What does the speaker imply about . . .” or “What can be inferred from the lecture about . . .”
As in Part B, if a speaker emphasizes a point in the lecture by going back to it or repeating it, there will probably be a question about it.

M: . . . Now, in the days of the California Gold Rush, the journey by ship from the East Coast to San Francisco took about six months. Can you imagine that-gold-seekers spent six months at sea just getting to California!

There will almost certainly be a question about how long it took to get from the East Coast to San Francisco during the Gold Rush.

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