Lesson 21 – What’s on?

Warm up 

  1. Ask students what they do on weekends. 
  2. Ask them where they get the information about what is happening in town. Introducing the expression What’s on. 
  3. Tell them to imagine that English friends are visiting the town. Ask where the students would take them. Ask what they would say. Elicit the language of suggestion in the Key language. Practise suggesting going to different places using different expressions.

Main Activity

  1. Put students in groups of two to four. Ask them to imagine that they are studying English together in England. They are staying in an English town called Westone, and they are going to plan their weekend there together. 
  2. Tell them to look at the information below and decide what they want to do together. 
  3. Go around the class helping with anything they do not understand. Make sure that all the people in the group are included in the decision-making. 
  4. Ask for a few examples of what the groups decided to do. Ask if any things were difficult to agree about. Find out which things were general favourites.
  5. Tell them that their plans are going to change: they have just got a letter from their parents, grandparents, or another old relative, and the person is going to visit them this weekend. They must think about their plans again and change them so that their family will enjoy their visit. 
  6. Go around the class again, making sure that all the people in the group are being included in the decision-making. 
  7. Ask if everyone was able to agree on what to do. Ask if there were any big problems. Find out which things are general favourites now compared with before. 
  8. Finally, ask what they think of Westone and if they would like to visit.  language of suggestion.

    Westone’s Weekend What’s On?

    Westone Theatre
    Saturday and Sunday night, 20.00:
    Shakespeare’s Hamlet (National Shakespeare Players)St Peter’s Theatre
    Friday and Saturday night, 19.00:
    The Best of Classical Music
    Sunday night, 19.30: Opera Favourites
    (St Peter’s Music Group)SuperScreen Cinema
    Films start: 12.00, 15.30, 19.00
    Screen 1: Someone to Love
    Screen 2: It Came from Space
    Screen 3: Murder in the Dark
    Screen 4: War Hero
    Screen 5: Vampire Party
    Rock and Pop Dance Café
    Friday night:
    Road Death (heavy rock)
    Saturday night
    Garage Party (house and garage)
    Sunday night:
    Techno Trash (trance and techno)
    Just Jazz
    Friday night to Sunday night.
    Benny Bell’s New Orleans Blues Men
    Saturday and Sunday lunch: Trad Jazz Trio
    Friday and Saturday night:
    Late night disco 22.00-2.00
    The Ghost Tour
    Visit all the places with famous ghosts! Friday, Saturday and Sunday night, starts at 21.00River Trips
    See the sights of Westone from a boat.
    Every hour, 10.00-19.00, Saturday and Sunday.
    RESTAURANTS (with opening times)
    Pizza Palace (12.00-24.00)
    Taste of India (19.00-24.00)
    China Town (12.00-23.00)
    Uncle Sam’s All American Burger Bar (12.00-24.00)
    Little Italy (19.00–24.00)
    McKay’s Seafood Restaurant (18.00-24.00)
    Café France (20.00-24.00)
    Old English Kitchen (8.00-23.00)
    Westone Castle Open Day
    See parts of the castle that are usually closed.
    Sunday 10.00-18.00.Art History at the Wilson Gallery
    Hear experts talk about some of our greatest paintings.
    Sunday 12.00-17.00.
    Westone Park Flower Show
    Saturday and Sunday, 9.00-18.30.Grand Opening
    The new King Street Shopping Centre opens on Saturday, 10.00The History of Flight Air Show
    Classic planes from the 1920s-1990s in action! Westone Airfield, Saturday and Sunday, 13.00-16.30.

Follow up

  1. In groups of two to four, students plan the perfect day of their dreams; they can do anything, go anywhere and meet anyone they want.
  2. Tell the students to plan your perfect day. They should think about:
    – What?
    – Where?
    – Who?
    – When?
  3. Share and compare your ideas around the class.
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