35. Errors with Parallel Structures

Written Expression items involving errors with parallel structures are similar to those in the Structure part of the test (Lesson 24). These sentences most often contain a series of three expressions: X, Y, and Z. One of these expressions is not grammatically parallel to the other two items in the series.
Structures that are often involved in parallelism are nouns, adjectives, verbs, prepositional phrases, gerunds, and infinitives.
Some problems with parallelism are actually word-form problems similar to those in Lesson 32.

Sample Item

As a young man (A), George Washington liked boating (B), to hunt (C), and fishing (D).

(A) in
(B) exists
(C) proportions
(D) of the

Option (C) is not parallel with the other items in the series: to hunt is an infinitive, while the other items are gerunds. You may have considered the other options that are part of the series, (B) and (D), but if you rewrote only one of these, the three expressions would still not be parallel.

Exercise 35.1

Exercise 35.2

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