ITP TOEFL Prediction Test H – Listening Comprehension

The TOEFL ITP listening section is designed to test a candidate’s ability to listen and understand spoken English as it is used in universities and colleges. This means that the level of vocabulary ranges from simple to academic. Topics can range from the Arts, Life Sciences, campus activities, to food, the environment, and media for example. More information about how listening is graded is available from the ETS website. You can download and read the descriptors for the listening exams. It is also worth knowing that your score is valid for 2 years.

All questions in the listening section are multiple-choice. The level of the exam, either level 1 or 2, decides how much time you have and the number of questions you will have to answer.

Here is a summary.

Level 1
Scoring range31-68
Time35 minutes
Number of questions50

This means you also have to spend time and be very careful filling out the answer sheet. This is where mistakes can be made, so be careful! Make sure your answer is next to the right question number.

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