ITP TOEFL Prediction Test D – Structure and Written Expression

Duration: 25 minutes
Questions: 40 questions
The second section of the TOEFL test is the Structure and Written Expression section. This section consists of forty questions (some tests may be longer). You have twenty-five minutes to complete the forty questions in this section.
There are two types of questions in the Structure and Written Expression section of the TOEFL test:
1. Structure (questions 1-15) consists of fifteen sentences in which part of the sentence has been replaced with a blank. Each sentence is followed by four answer choices. You must choose the answer that completes the sentence in a grammatically correct way.
2. Written Expression (questions 16-40) consists of twenty-five sentences in which four words or groups of words have been underlined. You must choose the underlined word or group of words that is not correct.

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