ITP TOEFL Prediction Test D – Reading Comprehension

All the questions in the reading section are multiple choice. This is the same for both levels of the exam. You will be given a series of short, academic reading passages to answer questions on. You choose either A, B, C, or D and mark your answers on the answer sheet. This is the part where you need to be very careful. Make sure, using your finger if you want to, that you have marked your answer for that question on the correct number line. You won’t have time to correct it later!

Take a look at the table for a clearer view of the structure of the reading sections for level 1 and level 2 exam papers.

Level 1Level 2
Scoring range31-6820-50
Time35 minutes22 minutes
Number of questions5030

As you can see, more marks are allocated than the number of questions. This means you may come across questions that work more than one mark.

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